Portale Progetto is the new design area of Quattrer Arredamenti, which is completely dedicated to the study and design of new formats and hybrid shops defining the corporate image and the functionality.

Architects and designers at Quattrer Arredamenti work with you to study each step in designing your establishment. From the concept to the project, taking into account all regulatory requirements and your needs, we develop and share with you a draft floor plan with coordinated furniture, shapes and materials and a wide choice of new materials. Photographic and rendering technologies are used to create the ideal solution for a guaranteed final results.

Activities 4R technical department:
  • Welcome the customer, visit of showroom and carpentry
  • Collection of information, advice and first hypothesis of the project
  • Inspection of the place with photographic survey
  • Study and verification of technical and commercial feasibility of the shop
  • Preliminary project and estimate
  • Pre-production executive project
  • Drawings showing the connections of facilities for the preparation of the premises (electrical, plumbing, ceilings)
  • Assistance and advice in the choice of decorations and lighting by fabrics and colors
  • Coordination with other technical studio forwarding practices to institutions responsible for issuing the necessary permissions.

Project Portal is Quattrer Arredamenti's new design area, entirely dedicated to studying and developing new food design concepts for hybrid establishments, based on thematic areas and conceptual guidelines capable of defining the coordinated image and functionality of the establishment.