Customer satisfaction is our priority number one, that means we pay careful attention to every detail of the project. Even after the business has started up, or once our products have been supplied and sold, we have the resources to continue to satisfy our customers' requests and meet their future needs.

Our technicians with expertise in the various sectors (from refrigeration to plant engineering) carry out maintenance and repair work at the customer's premises and overhaul machinery, refrigerators and equipment in general.

The technologies we use are the result of constant research into improving energy efficiency and protecting the environment. Conscious of the significance of our decisions and the impact our production processes can have on the environment, we are committed to strict monitoring of energy consumption by our operations. Our projects are designed with the value of sustainability at the forefront of every decision, conceived to accommodate future improvements.

We stock spare parts for all machinery included in our sales catalogue in our warehouse. As a dealer, Quattrer Arredamenti is able to reduce supply times for spare parts that are not readily available.